Fit and Fresh Entertainment

Baby and I listened to some PRIME 90's R&B the other night. It was actually super fun and made me really happy. Why, specifically? Let me give you some back-story. My dad is from the south and was in the navy back in the day. It's hard to explain how he is; it's almost like… Continue reading Fit and Fresh Entertainment


I Have Returned With Recipes

FOOOOOD BLOGGGGGG. Okay so. Diving right in. Being Keto will never stop me from drinking my Starbucks. It will, however, change what I get there. I have done extensive research on how to order keto-friendly drinks at Starbucks. Everything I have found obviously fits the diet, but its all... really small beverages. Because you have… Continue reading I Have Returned With Recipes

Requested Topics

I’M BACK, (maybe insert something here a little less aggressive than BITCHES) … Nah

Ahhhh... It’s been a while, huh? I had an Engagement/Housewarming party to prep for and host a couple weekends ago AND my best friend ever (ABBIE) visited from (the middle of no where) North Carolina! She was only here for a week so I took off a couple days of work to see her as… Continue reading I’M BACK, (maybe insert something here a little less aggressive than BITCHES) … Nah

Modeling, Requested Topics

AMA Answers

Hey hey! So, I held an “Ask Me Anything” on my Instagram and picked the most common questions to dive into for today’s blog! I was mostly questioned on what I do to prep for photoshoots, what I do at the gym, and how shooting nude went. Photoshoots. When I know I have a photoshoot coming… Continue reading AMA Answers

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Keto – Pt. 3

Okay so we learned all about Keto! Are you ready to start? Go to PerfectKeto.com for detailed diagrams and pictures.   Use this post to learn the simple skills to be more motivated on a daily basis, prepare better, correct mistakes, and boost your ketone levels for peak performance. Most people will tell you a low-carb,… Continue reading Keto – Pt. 3

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Keto – Pt. 2

Back at it! This one is all about the diet portion. “The ketogenic diet is a high fat, low carb and adequate protein diet. Many individuals have experienced success on keto in regards to weight and fat loss, as well as improvements in memory, focus and symptoms for a wide variety of ailments and diseases.… Continue reading Keto – Pt. 2

Requested Topics

Keto – Pt. 1

I have people asking me about Keto all the time. There is a lot to research and learn, I’m not going to lie. Because this is so research-heavy and something that is such a large life choice, I don't feel that I can paraphrase or play any of this down. So. In order to make… Continue reading Keto – Pt. 1


Recipes AF

Welcome to the Food Blog! Again, I apologize for how long it’s been. I’m back on Keto now as of the 15th. If you don’t know much about it, I talk about it in my blog post, "Frigid Food for You."  I don’t know if I mentioned this at all before but I was losing… Continue reading Recipes AF

Health & Beauty

Eye Love Free Stuff and Sunkissed Skin

It has been awhile since I posted anything on Health & Beauty! Mental Health took over for a little bit there with all the blog topic requests I was getting, which is fine with me. Mental Health needs to be a priority in everyone’s lives anyway. Let’s dive right in; my fingers are ready to… Continue reading Eye Love Free Stuff and Sunkissed Skin


Here’s some stuff to do and listen to.

Are you ready to receive some suggestions to entertain your fine selves? ‘Cause I’m ready to give it. For those who are local: My dad and brother run NYFO together for Green Bay. What’s NYFO? WELL. “NYFO 7on7 Football is the next generation of player development, no matter your skill set. NYFO is the NATIONAL… Continue reading Here’s some stuff to do and listen to.