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Complete Nutrition

I'm back to tell all my local followers and readers something! I am asked on a daily basis how I lost 40 pounds. To sum it up very quickly; I did not work out much. I hardly worked out at all, honestly. I did go to the gym off and on but that's the extent… Continue reading Complete Nutrition

Mental Health

I’m gonna be blunt here…

This is not talked about enough. So I’m going to talk about it. You could be completely satisfied at the moment, but that doesn’t mean your spouse is. All of your needs could be met, but maybe not your spouse’s. It doesn’t have to be something huge or catastrophic. But it could turn into a… Continue reading I’m gonna be blunt here…

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What’s new?

Holy buckets, it's been awhile hasn't it? I'm glad I don't have to explain myself to anyone when I go off the grid a bit, but I will let you in on the fact that there's been a ton of stuff going on and I just needed to get settled into life after marriage. Life… Continue reading What’s new?

Requested Topics

Wielanded in Love

We’re back as the Wielands! We want to start by saying we love you all so much and are incredibly grateful for your support this last year. Let’s back up about 9 months. We were going over our finances back in December. We quickly realized there was no way we were going to have both… Continue reading Wielanded in Love

Health & Beauty

Au Naturale Au The Time

Welcome to the Health and Beauty Blog for the week! Are you feeling healthy and beautiful? I’m kiiind of feeling that way. I cheated on my diet way too much lately. Less than 2 weeks until my fiancé and I go to the Caribbean for our year anniversary so I really need to hold it… Continue reading Au Naturale Au The Time


Fit and Fresh Entertainment

Baby and I listened to some PRIME 90's R&B the other night. It was actually super fun and made me really happy. Why, specifically? Let me give you some back-story. My dad is from the south and was in the navy back in the day. It's hard to explain how he is; it's almost like… Continue reading Fit and Fresh Entertainment


I Have Returned With Recipes

FOOOOOD BLOGGGGGG. Okay so. Diving right in. Being Keto will never stop me from drinking my Starbucks. It will, however, change what I get there. I have done extensive research on how to order keto-friendly drinks at Starbucks. Everything I have found obviously fits the diet, but its all... really small beverages. Because you have… Continue reading I Have Returned With Recipes

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I’M BACK, (maybe insert something here a little less aggressive than BITCHES) … Nah

Ahhhh... It’s been a while, huh? I had an Engagement/Housewarming party to prep for and host a couple weekends ago AND my best friend ever (ABBIE) visited from (the middle of no where) North Carolina! She was only here for a week so I took off a couple days of work to see her as… Continue reading I’M BACK, (maybe insert something here a little less aggressive than BITCHES) … Nah

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AMA Answers

Hey hey! So, I held an “Ask Me Anything” on my Instagram and picked the most common questions to dive into for today’s blog! I was mostly questioned on what I do to prep for photoshoots, what I do at the gym, and how shooting nude went. Photoshoots. When I know I have a photoshoot coming… Continue reading AMA Answers

Requested Topics

Keto – Pt. 3

Okay so we learned all about Keto! Are you ready to start? Go to for detailed diagrams and pictures.   Use this post to learn the simple skills to be more motivated on a daily basis, prepare better, correct mistakes, and boost your ketone levels for peak performance. Most people will tell you a low-carb,… Continue reading Keto – Pt. 3