The Exchange Coffee, Mercantile, & Eatery


Ugh, it’s been a hard week for me. It was one of those perpetually exhausting ones. It didn’t matter how much I slept, I was still so tired. Coffee has been my saving grace so what better to talk about than a new, local coffeehouse?! (Even if you’re not local, stick around for the awesome photography featured today!)

Alessandro Photography

To those who are local to Green Bay and DePere, have you been to  The Exchange Coffee House yet? It’s located on Main in DePere, right across from Luna (another café). Speaking of this location, I thought that the fact they were opening another coffee shop across from the ever-popular Luna was awfully brave. Everyone loves Luna, including myself. A lot of my blog photos are of me at Luna, actually. The Exchange is actually really cool and appealing in different ways. There is a huge difference in décor and size. Luna has always seemed eclectic and cozy with rustic brick walls and characteristic original hardwood floors. Its homey in there, to me. The Exchange has a luxurious modern style with industrial touches. I personally really love the atmosphere in there.

They are a coffeehouse, obviously, so they have a lot of coffee options to offer. Local Roaster’s beans are served at The Exchange. They also have a ton of teas. My personal favorite drink anywhere is an Iced Chai Tea Latte. I really think they have the best chai ever. It is TO DIE FOR. I’m not the only one who thinks so, either. Apparently their chai tea is “famous.”  If you can’t pick one drink, you can order COFFEE FLIGHTS. YEAH. I know there are some crazy people out there that don’t care for bean water or leaf water, so you can grab one of their smoothies or non-coffee Frappuccino-type/shake alternatives. Milk substitutes are also offered here!

The Exchange is also an “eatery,” which technically means “restaurant. “ They serve breakfast, lunch, AND, dinner. That impressed me. Do you struggle with finding food that’s vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free while eating out? Well, not anymore. The Exchange offers all of that. The menu is unique, in my opinion. It’s trendier than a lot of places I’ve eaten at and I like that fact that it’s different. The menu is divided into “sweet,” “savory,” and “salad” options. It looks like every option can either be out on a signature waffle, a crepe, or mixed greens. I would never think to put anything savory on a waffle! There are baked goods up front where you order, too. My weakness!

There’s a bunch of different spaces to eat in. Up front you can sit at various tables (there are low-tables and high-top options as well), close to the mercantile you can sit up at a bar overlooking the kitchen/drink stations, as you move back towards the back entrance there is a more of a dining room area with tables and chairs or booths. There are more bars to sit at against the window and a few couches to lounge on. Wanna be outside? There’s some outdoor seating at the back entrance, too! It’s pretty spacious and would have been a great place for me to do homework back when I was in college.

Alessandro Photography

Back to the mercantile I mentioned.  The Exchange sells Eye Heart World merch, a company dedicated to saving girls from sex-trafficking in Northeast Wisconsin and Southern Alabama. There are lots of other things to check out while your food and drinks are being made so stroll on over while you’re in there.

Alessandro Photography

Everything about this place is great. The service, the food/drinks, the atmosphere; all of it. If you don’t believe me, the many reviews speak for themselves. Everyone raves about this place and for good reason! Go check it out because I think you’ll love it. (Note that they are closed on Sundays because they are running their original location inside Life Church).

Might I also say, isn’t the photography for today’s blog just DYNAMITE?!

This is the same photographer who captured the pictures of all my tattoos for my tattoo blog, My Tattoos.

This is the work of Alessandro Biehl of Alessandro Photography. I have always thought he was the most incredible photographer, since the first time I saw his work.

Alessandro Photography

I have been wanting to shoot with him for about three years now and we’ve finally gotten the chance to collaborate.


A part of me wishes we could have done it sooner, but I think it happened later In life to give us both the opportunity to get as great as we are at our crafts. His work had been and still remains my favorite. He is outstanding and I am very exciting to shoot with him again in the future.

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