Here’s some stuff to do and listen to.

Are you ready to receive some suggestions to entertain your fine selves? ‘Cause I’m ready to give it.

For those who are local: My dad and brother run NYFO together for Green Bay. What’s NYFO? WELL. “NYFO 7on7 Football is the next generation of player development, no matter your skill set. NYFO is the NATIONAL GOVERNING BODY for 7on7 & Non-contact Football. Our leagues, camps, and training exist to ultimately transition better, safer, and more fundamentally sound knowledgeable players. NYFO is committed to helping every player in our program improve no matter their skill level. By doing so we will ultimately enhance the sport of football, from youth organizations through the NFL. NYFO is ‘Non-Contact’ For parents, ‘non-contact’ can be translated into ‘one-hand touch.’ Without the distraction of full-contact, players can focus on fundamentals. With so much negative media attention given to concussions and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), 7on7 offers parents a safer alternative for kids wanting to play football.” Quick additional info: They offer programs for age groups 8U, 10U, 13U, 15U, and 18U. Go to their website if you’re interested in signing your kids up! Okay but anyway, if you need something to do this Friday you should go to a Bullfrogs baseball game! Bullfrogs “Stars Of Tomorrow” fundraiser family & friend tickets are $18 and include your ticket (duh), a Bullfrogs hat, a hot dog, AND a soda! A damn steal if you ask me. It helps out NYFO and you’ll have something fun to do! All registered players from NYFO get in free with and a portion of the proceeds from family/friends tickets sales going to the NYFO by simply using code “NYFO7on7” at the point of purchase. Go to greenbaybullfrogs.com, click Buy Tickets Now in the top right corner, and enter the promo code (NYFO7on7). Gates open at 6:05pm and the game is at 7:05pm!  See you at the diamond on July 20th! Give them a follow on Instagram! @greenbay.nyfo


I never really blog about music for how passionate I am about it. I have mentioned before that I sing, too. I’d love music even if I couldn’t sing though. Anyway, everyone loves finding new music, right? I’m gonna tell you my most listened to artists and songs on my Spotify. First, I’ll tell you how I found this data. I found this question forum on this link: https://www.quora.com/Is-there-a-way-to-see-my-most-played-artists-songs-in-Spotify. You’ll see in the answer that there’s Spotify.Me or there’s ManageMyMusic to see your most listened to stuff. Spotify.Me is intricate and gives you information like your favorites, streaming habits, and listening insights. Apparently, what I listen to the most is considered to be a bunch of different types of “pop.” I don’t know if I agree with that. They also tell me that “I know what I want” because 84% of my favorite artists are within my most-listened to genre. That I can agree with. It says I’m high energy lately in my streaming choices, but I don’t see it. I have been choosing really chill music, in my opinion. The other link in that question/answer forum is called ManageMyMusic and it gives you a ton of lists; Top artists and tracks for the “Short Term (4 weeks),” the “Medium Term (6 months),” and for the “Long Term (Years).” I’ll give you my top ten for each category, though I know there will be overlapping. I obviously love everything I am about to include so please give this stuff a listen. You’re about to get an intimate peek at my soul.

Top artists — Short Term (4 weeks)

  1. Jon Bellion
  2. Drake
  3. Milky Chance
  4. Hozier
  5. Andrew Belle
  6. Bazzi
  7. Aaron Carter
  8. Roy Woods
  9. dvsn
  10. Troy Sivan

I didn’t realize that I listened to that much Jon Bellion lately. I mean, he is fantastic. I just didn’t realize I listened to so much of him in the last month.

Top artists — Medium Term (6 months)

  1. Drake
  2. Blackbear
  3. Tory Lanez
  4. Marc E. Bassy
  5. Jon Bellion
  6. Bazzi
  7. Post Malone
  8. Hozier
  9. Aaron Carter
  10. Sam Smith

I can say for DAMN SURE that Baby has heavily influenced who I listened to these past 6 months. Drake has always been my man but I never listened to Blackbear, Tory Lanez, or Marc E. Bassy before I met him.

Top artists — Long Term (years)

  1. Drake
  2. Sam Smith
  3. Troye Sivan
  4. Andrew Belle
  5. Justin Bieber
  6. Jon Bellion
  7. The Weeknd
  8. Jessie Ware
  9. Hozier
  10. Tove Lo

None of that even remotely surprises me.

Top tracks — Short Term (4 weeks)

  1. Jessie Ware, You & I (Forever)
  2. Hozier, Jackie and Wilson
  3. Sabrina Claudio, Orion’s Belt
  4. Jon Bellion, Overwhelming
  5. Jon Bellion, 2 Rocking Chairs
  6. Vance Joy, Mess Is Mine
  7. The 1975, Somebody Else
  8. Jon Bellion, The Good In Me
  9. JAHKOY, Still In Love
  10. Young the Giant, Cough Syrup

This is all very “me” lately.

Top tracks — Medium Term (6 months)

  1. Alina Baraz, Show Me
  2. 6LACK, Learn Ya
  3. Tory Lanez, I Sip
  4. Blackbear, moodz (feat. 24hrs)
  5. Marc E. Bassy, 4am
  6. Tory Lanez, Skrt Skrt
  7. Ansel Elgort, Supernova
  8. Bazzi, Mine
  9. Post Malone, Psycho (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
  10. R I T U A L, Better By Now

This list is definitely Baby-approved.

Top tracks — Long Term (years)

  1. Justin Bieber, The Feeling
  2. Troye Sivan, WILD
  4. Snakehips, All My Friends
  5. Tatiana Manaois, Helplessly
  6. Bryson Tiller, Don’t
  7. Chris Stapleton, Tennessee Whiskey
  8. Sam Smith, Not In That Way
  9. Hozier, Work Song
  10. A R I Z O N A, Let Me Touch Your Fire

Honestly, the first 5 tracks do surprise me a little, but that was back when I had my music on constantly when I was single and home alone quite often. I remember keeping those on repeat for hours at times, so I’m not sure how accurate that actually is only because of that fact. This was all super cool to see, though. Some of it was expected, some unexpected. Either way, I hope I gave you some new stuff to listen to! And you should check out for own profiles. Nice opportunity to learn a little about yourself.

The Brass Lens Photography

This past weekend, it was pretty warm out. Baby and I wanted to get Nugget a sprinkler so I took the little one with me to the store aaaaand they were sold out. Due to all the warmth. So I bought Nugget some water guns instead. We got 2 smaller ones and 2 larger ones for THIRTEEN DOLLARS, TOTAL. YEAH. This s’mom was shocked by that price, that’s for sure. We played and sprayed when we got home. Baby and Nugget had some fun together. The first thing Nugget did when we filled his gun though was spray me right in the (get ready) vagina. Yes. Then he yells, “I’M SPRAYING YOU IN THE PARTS.” I was like, “Uhhhhh, let’s not spray anyone’s parts and also let’s talk about anyone’s parts. It’s not polite and those are private” LOL. He’s never said anything to me about private parts or anything so that was new to me. He walks into my room when I’m changing a fair amount of the time and I know for a fact he’s seen more than I meant him to, but he has never asked questions, pointed anything out, etc. I think it’s important to set an example for your children in the sense to be comfortable with their bodies and such. This might be a whole new chapter with Nugget! We will see. Enough about my “parts” and back to the water guns. Baby said that on one of the weeks that we don’t have Nugget, that he wants to do a water gun race with me. I got 2 free beach balls from Sprint when I got a new phone last week (among a ton of other free shit, which I’ll tell y’all about soon) and Baby said we should see whoever can get the beach ball across our backyard the fastest by spraying them with the water guns. I honestly think that sounds more fun than any idea I’ve ever had LOL. It reminds me of when I almost bought us both Nerf guns. So, if things are little mundane (or even if they’re not) maybe you and your love should find your inner children together! Get water-balloons and have a water-balloon fight, chalk up your driveway, set up obstacle courses, have a scavenger hunt! You can make it interesting by making fun deals. Whoever loses has to make dinner, for example. I think we will try all of these ideas eventually.

Speaking of shopping with Nugget, I am in the process of teaching him about not asking for toys every time we go. Baby went through a break up after a 3 year relationship before we was with me. He told me that he felt awful that Nugget no longer had two people raising him and Baby made up for that by buying Nugget toys every time they went to the store. I could tell there was a reason why Nugget would ask like clockwork what toy he would get every time we went shopping. I have been working on breaking Nugget of that expectation, as well as working on having him appreciate the things he has at home. I explain to him Daddy and I only have a certain amount of dollars and that its usually only enough to buy what we needed from the store in the first place. He actually understands this concept very well. He always asks why we are going to the store, so I always have the opportunity to tell him what we need to buy. When we went to buy the sprinkler he asked me, “Can we get a toy from here?” and I replied with, “Buddy, remember what we came here for?” He answered correctly about buying a sprinkler. I said in a very positive tone, “Yep and I’m pretty sure we only have enough dollars for a sprinkler. And you also have a bunch of toys at home that you love to play with.” We walked by a few things that piqued his interest. As we walked by some bubble-guns, he goes, “Oooh, those look fun. But we only have dollars to get the sprinkler.” I was so proud of him for making this connection and also proud of myself for explaining it to him so that he really does understand this. I was raised by people who didn’t explain things. It was always a “because I said so” type of world and I learned to accept it. I won’t put Nugget in that world, though. I want him to recognize reasoning and be able to grasp why things are the way they are. He is incredibly intelligent and capable of knowing this information. I also want him to trust me and be honest with me as we grow together, so the first step is me trusting him and being honest with him first. Just wanted to share my super proud s’mom moment of the week. I’ll be back tomorrow with new recipes for you!

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