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It has been awhile since I posted anything on Health & Beauty! Mental Health took over for a little bit there with all the blog topic requests I was getting, which is fine with me. Mental Health needs to be a priority in everyone’s lives anyway. Let’s dive right in; my fingers are ready to tell you all the things.

I’ve been working on a computer for 4 years now. I also went to school and looked at computers for 16 years. I have been a migraine sufferer since I was in 4th grade. There are a few reasons as to why I think I get them, but it changes. We used to think it was from hypoglycemia (a condition caused by a very low level of blood sugar), then it was a sign of caffeine withdrawal for a bit, then they would also happen after being at a computer too long, then we thought it was from dehydration, and now they are also hormonal. Being on the Keto diet helps but I still get migraines at work sometimes from the damn computer screens. I wish I would have known about blue-light filtering glasses a long time ago. What’s blue light? “Blue light is a harmful portion of light emitted by digital screens. According to the Paris Vision Institute, younger people exposed to an excess amount of blue light can start to experience age-related macular degeneration at an earlier stage. Other research states that excess exposure is also the leading cause of vision loss for people over 50.” The blue light filtering lenses from EyeBuyDirect offers: 1) Coatings to keep the glare out of your eyes and to protect your lenses from scratches. 2) Premium blue light filter to protect your eyes from harmful blue-violet light emitted by digital screens. Lenses with this technology appear clearer than standard blue light filter. 3) UV filter protects your eyes from damaging ultraviolet rays while outside. 4) SightRelax improves your screen time and increases your comfort by helping your eyes to relax while you read. The website goes on to explain, “A main source of HEV light in our lives is the harmful blue-violet light emitted by our digital screens. From TVs to tablets, and computers to phones, we’re constantly exposing ourselves to unnatural blue light. By wearing blue light blocking glasses, you can limit the amount of blue light that enters your eyes and make your screentime more pleasant.” Another helpful page from their website includes the symptoms of digital eyestrain. “Headaches, sore or tired eyes, and stiff necks are all symptoms of digital eyestrain. Spending the majority of our waking hours in front of device screens put our eyes (and body) through a lot of wear and tear. At the same time, HEV light from our computers, phones, and tablets causes our eyes to not only work harder, but puts them at risk of aging faster.” I didn’t hesitate getting my glasses from EyeBuyDirect because of the very evident passion and dedication in this technology of theirs. Not only are they super cute, but I see a huge difference in my headaches at work and they were less than $50! I don’t need a prescription so I literally only have them to block the blue light. Admit it, you look at some sort of screen for a long time throughout the day (and it’s probably your phone), so these are a must. I think everyone should be using these lenses with how technology-driven we are now. You can use my link to get $10 off your purchase. The website is crisp and easy to navigate. Head over and upload a picture of yourself to “try on” some specs! I have the clear “Hepburn” frames in medium and I love them.

The Brass Lens Photography

Makeup. I know as much about it as I need to about makeup, considering my usual look. I’m sure you can tell I’m a fairly natural chick. My makeup usually only consists of mascara and highlight. Maybe some eyeliner on top if I want to be extra fancy. Since this is my life, I don’t shop at the ever-so-overwhelming Sephora. It’s just a lot of (expensive) stuff that I don’t need. I don’t do lip color or eye shadow or contouring. I know there is more to Sephora than that, though. And I only know it because I am part of the Sephora Beauty Insider rewards program. I get my birthday gift from them every year. So far I’ve always chosen the options that have anything to do with your skin; in 2016 the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser and Rose Face Mask (not pictured), in 2017 the Caudalie Vinosource moisturizer and Vinoperfect serum, and in 2018 the Hollywood California GlamGlow moisturizer and mask. I used all of my 2016 products a while ago, and still have a little bit of my 2017 left because I forgot about it for the longest time. I have loved all these products! It’s really nice to try such expensive things for free. I enjoy deals and steals quite a bit, and I know I’m not the only one! Take advantage of the Sephora Beauty Insider rewards program, even if you don’t shop there. If you’re a makeup junkie, I know I don’t have to tell you this. I just never got into the art that is makeup. I think it is absolutely astounding what people can do with makeup. I am not great at it, I am just stellar with an eyeliner wing. Other than that, what I do to my face requires little to no skill. I do get a little sad when I don’t look extra pretty on special occasions, though. I also wish I was a bit more done up for photoshoots sometimes. But makeup is never really going to be a priority for me. I’ve actually become to prefer my natural self more than my makeup face. It helps that Baby tells me I’m beautiful multiple times a day, and more so on the days that I go bare-faced. It also helps that I am tan again!

IMG_3433 (1)

What a segue into my tanning tips. I have mentioned before that I don’t use tanning beds anymore. That was true for about 8 or 9 months, actually. But. Baby and I are going to the Caribbean in less than 2 months and I would prefer not to get absolutely annihilated by the island sun considering I am the shade of LOOSE-LEAF. So, I am working on a good base tan for now. I also won a free month of tanning at my tanning salon! How convenient! And free. But anywho. Tips for getting the best glow possible: 1) Exfoliate! The fresher and newer the skin, the better you’ll tan and longer it will last. 2) Take a daily 25g beta-caretone supplement to enhance your skin’s defense against UV rays by “improving its ability to tan.” 3) Use coconut oil when you tan! It’s natural, extra moisturizing, and smells amazing. 4) Be conscious of how long you tan your face, especially. That’s the first place you will start to see the damage; lines, wrinkles, dark spots. 5) Moisturize the heck out of your skin before and after. Tanning can be damaging and dehydrating. 6) The need to protect your skin and eyes should be common-sense, but I’m adding it anyway for a healthy reminder. Use the proper gear in a bed and wear sunglasses or a hat that offers shade for your eyes if you tan outside. Use some sort of SPF even if you’re tanning; you don’t want to harm your skin. Get that glow, but also be safe.

IMG_3458 (1)

How was your week? What did I miss while I was taking my little break? Other than freaking out a whole bunch and self-reflecting the entire time, Baby and I got a lot done with the new house! We still need to get the garage in order and hang up décor around the house. We have a housewarming/engagement party that we are hosting in early August so we will need to make sure everything is in order by then. I will say we don’t have enough furniture to fill our home and it’s kind of annoying. Going from a 900 sq. ft. apartment to a 2,000+ sq. ft. split-level home means that we have so much extra space now and not enough stuff to fill it. With time we will acquire what we need, but until then we are using only half of one of our living spaces. Yes, you read that correctly. LOL. Seriously though, owning a home is such an incredible feeling. I love walking through the door every morning after I get home from work. Our neighborhood is cute and safe, our neighbors are kind and helpful, we all sleep better because we aren’t next to a highway, we have a huge yard, we have so much extra space to do whatever we want, we have an office, Baby gets to work out inside rather than in the garage, Nugget gets to play all over indoors and outside, we can change things if we want to, the perks are endless. This is our first big project together; buying a home and making it ours. This is where we will live when we get married, its where we will live while I am pregnant, where we raise our kids. I couldn’t be more excited for life. I’ll gush some more on my nest post, I’m sure. See you soon!

2 thoughts on “Eye Love Free Stuff and Sunkissed Skin”

  1. You don’t wear a whole lot of makeup? Your model shoots never look like it! You always look so stunning. Is what you wear for shoots different than just general day makeup? What’s the routine you do for model shoots and do you prep hair and makeup for yourself or have a makeup and hair artist?

    What did you miss? I was asked to be a bridesmaid (I just got back from the wedding, it was on Saturday the 21st) and I traveled to Oregon by myself for it!


    1. Nope! My make-up is always very minimal and I always do it myself. I’ve only had a make-up artist twice so far in the year and 3 months I’ve been shooting.

      I’ll be posting my shoot-preparation soon!

      I hope you had a nice time at the wedding! What a ways to travel.That is pretty awesome that you went all that way for it.


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