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Hey hey! So, I held an “Ask Me Anything” on my Instagram and picked the most common questions to dive into for today’s blog! I was mostly questioned on what I do to prep for photoshoots, what I do at the gym, and how shooting nude went.

Photoshoots. When I know I have a photoshoot coming up, I have things I do the week of and things I do the day of. For the week of the shoot, I tan at least once a couple days beforehand. I don’t tan the day before or the day of because I don’t want to risk burning and looking red. I pay very close attention to my skin during this week to avoid blemishes. This can be helped by what I eat and drink. When I know I will be shooting, I avoid carbs, sugar, and alcohol at all costs. Even more than usual. Looking puffy is not what I want. I also try to work out and use the steam room twice up to a week beforehand. I want to work out once about a week before, take a day or two off, and then work out again 2 days before. I break it up this way to give myself enough time to recover from being sore. I used to work out 5 times a week and would never really be sore, so it didn’t matter when I worked out. But I haven’t been at the gym very much since going to third shift and house hunting and moving. The week of my shoots, I coconut oil my hair once at some point. A day or two before my shoots I always pluck and shape my eyebrows. I only do this in advance to save time during the day-of-prep because It can be lengthy. The night before, I use a hydrating mask on my face. Now for the day-of. I always GPS where I’m going to be shooting so I know exactly how long it takes to get there and thus, to figure out when I need to leave the house by. If I have to shoot within 3 or 4 hours, I wait to eat until after my shoot. I’m not really sure if this makes any difference in how I look when I shoot, but I usually am too distracted to eat while getting ready anyway. First, I shower. This includes exfoliating, shaving, conditioning, etc. Once I’m out, I lotion up everywhere. Letting my hair air dry a bit to avoid having to use the blow dryer so long on my hair, I do my makeup first. My makeup is pretty minimal and natural about 90% of the time. It’s not intricate or lengthy at all. Letting my hair air-dry further, I pick out what I will be wearing for the shoot. I lay my outfits out, as well as what I’ll be wearing to the shoot. I always wear something comfy to my shoots. At this point, I will blow dry the rest of the moisture out of my hair. Then, I will either curl or straighten it. It’s rare I leave my hair natural for a shoot. I’ve done it three times now, but I only liked the way it turned out once. After my hair and makeup, I make sure my nails are presentable. I double-check my jewelry, too. I have gauges but there are certain shoots that I should wear plugs that don’t look like gauges. This is when I get dressed and pack my bag. I put my outfits in there, along with the makeup I used for this shoot (for touchups), body oil (for glowing skin), and extra dry shampoo and deodorant. I grab water and a very light snack (like some cheese) and head out.

Posing nude. This was definitely the most freeing and confidence-building thing I have ever done. I was shooting Boudoir with two photographers, one of them (Laura) I have been working with since I started modeling over a year ago. She knew I was interested in posing nude, which it true. It’s been something I have wanted to do for years, I just didn’t like the way I looked enough to do it until now. The other photographer, Michael, told me that Laura mentioned that to him and he asked me if we were going to do it during that shoot. I said sure. I figured I like my body now and I would be with a photographer I trust. If I’m being completely honest here, I am naked A LOT of the time when I am at home. I was so used to being naked in my old apartment that I accidentally walked out onto my porch to get a candle COMPLETELY NAKED. I didn’t realize what I was doing until I was already out there LOL. I was very comfortable during the shoot. I wasn’t shy or ashamed of anything. It was freeing as heck. Michael was incredibly professional, too. Speaking of having a male photographer photograph me nude, I was also asked how Baby feels about me doing this. He is incredibly supportive of everything I do, even if he has a hard time understanding it. Me posing nude is not his favorite thing in the world, but he knows this is my passion and he wants me to do what makes me happy. That is all I could ever ask for. All of that being said, I don’t want to do anything that legitimately bothers him because I want to respect his wants and needs. I am going to be his wife, after all. I don’t want him to end up resenting me in any way. Even if he wants me to do what makes me happy, I don’t want to do anything to make him Unhappy. It’s all about respect. Nonetheless, the photos are absolutely gorgeous. I cannot wait to see more of them. Laura is such a Boudoir Queen. She runs both The Brass Lens Photography and The Brass Lens Boudoir Photography. Michael is also amazing at his craft. He runs Michael Gehrman Filmworks. I actually had my first video shoot during all of this too and I am very anxious to see how that turned out. He is great so hopefully we produced some amazing content together. I will be sharing more work from that shoot for SURE! I do think I am very good at what I do and offering nude modeling might pay well. Something to consider for sure.


Michael Gehrman Filmworks
Brass Lens Boudoir Photography
Michael Gehrman Filmworks
Brass Lens Boudoir Photography
Michael Gehrman Filmworks


The gym. Ahhh the gym and I have an odd relationship. I like working out and I like being at the gym but I know I don’t absolutely need to work out. I lost 37 pounds entirely through portion control and changing my diet. I also haven’t had the time to work out much since going to third shift and house hunting and moving (as I said before). Now that I am a boudoir model and I like the way my body looks, there isn’t much I need to do other than maintaining and toning up. But I do know there is room for improvement in certain areas on my body and that my energy levels are up when I am working out regularly. I just wish there was more time in the day. I didn’t put enough emphasis on sleep in June so I have been trying really hard to prioritize my sleep more, and it’s working. I’m sleeping better and later, which is what I needed. But with that, there is less time to clean and work out and run errands. When I do work out, I start with some type of cardio to break a sweat and get my heartrate up. I usually work out on the Arc Trainer or the bike for 20 minutes. Immediately after cardio, you should follow with abs. I’ve read and I’ve been told that cardio engages your core and sets it up for a nice ab workout, burning more! What I need to focus most on is my butt. It’s always been smaller, like the rest of me LOL. If there’s any positive to this, it’s that I’m proportioned pretty perfectly. Little all over the place. I do think it could use a lot of work, though. I have certain video clips saved on Instagram that I follow for my booty workouts. Variations of fire hydrants, bridges, up and overs, leg lifts, lunges, etc. I don’t do anything too specific or too fancy. I bet this was a bit anticlimactic, lol. When they say, “It’s 80% diet and only 20% working out,” they are CORRECT. I used to think it was such crap when people tried to tell me that abs are made in the kitchen. Well. I believe it now.

I will most likely hold another Ask Me Anything soon because I thought it was really fun. Did you think of a question while you were reading this? Ask me in the comments! Until next time, xoxo.

6 thoughts on “AMA Answers”

  1. Not really a question but your photos aren’t showing up on this post. Not sure if it was formatting or not.

    For shooting nude, kind of personal but I feel like myself and others may want to know. Do you shave your parts? If so… lady wise how would you recommend doing it? If it’s to personal its okay. For doing the nude shoot with Michael, have you shot with him before or first time? What made you feel okay with shooting nude with him without feeling creeped out? In today’s world there are a lot of creepy people out there.

    It’s amazing you feel super comfortable with your body to do nude shoots! Keep up that work.


    1. Michael is definitely a professional, like myself. Shooting with him and Laura at the same time made me comfortable, shooting in my lingerie first was a good warm up. I do groom myself extensively for these shoots. I can write about that in an upcoming blog!


  2. You mention that Baby supports you 100%. Will he ever join in with you on shoots for couple shots or anything like that? I know you mentioned your ex did for your first bridal shoot.


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