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Welcome to the Health and Beauty Blog for the week! Are you feeling healthy and beautiful? I’m kiiind of feeling that way. I cheated on my diet way too much lately. Less than 2 weeks until my fiancé and I go to the Caribbean for our year anniversary so I really need to hold it together. We will be staying at an all-inclusive resort with TEN 5-star restaurants. You know damn well I will be eating and drinking whatever I want when we get there so I need to maintain eating well until then. I want to keep my skin healthy and clear, too. We will get to that shortly.

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Speaking of our trip, I mentioned there will be drinks! I don’t drink much at all. Like.. Ever, really. It’s mainly because I never drank in high school and even after I graduated I didn’t get into it. I was in college and engaged to my ex. He never drank either. Nothing has really changed since turning 21 either. I have gone out literally a handful of times, only been drunk 5 times or so since then (and I’m 22 now). With how little I’ve drank, I was never acclimated to the effects of alcohol. I also seriously think that I potentially have an allergy to alcohol as of the last year because ever since last summer I get violently ill the day after I drink. No. Matter. What. Baby and I have brainstormed on why this could be. I have had hangovers before, and what happens to me now is NO hangover. It makes me want to go to the hospital, that’s how bad it is. I can’t even take the smallest sip of water without throwing up painfully and violently, let alone eat anything for the entire day after. I don’t understand it. So when there is potential to have more than a few drinks, Baby and I both get a little nervous.
He found this supplement called FlyBy.  “Your liver can only process one drink per hour. So when you drink more alcohol than it can break down, alcohol-induced toxins build up and put more stress on your body. Flyby was carefully formulated support your body’s normal metabolism after drinking so you wake up feeling refreshed. Too many people rely on rhymes and old wives’ tales to guide their decisions on healthy living. Flyby is the product of more than a year of rigorous research. While working with a PhD, we came up with a synergistic mix of the highest quality ingredients to finalize the formula for Flyby. Take three capsules with water right before you go out and then take another three capsules right before going to bed.” We got some samples a while ago to see if they would do anything for me, given my sensitivity to alcohol. I took them as directed on 2 separate occasions where I knew we’d be drinking. I seriously woke up as I drank nothing but water the night before. I never bought a bottle of them because I rarely drink to excess, but I thought it might be wise to purchase them for our trip.
A little bit more about what is in FlyBy: Prickly Pear (Our prickly pear supports the body’s metabolic response and is packed with naturally occurring tocopherols). B Vitamins and Taurine (Synergistically blended with B vitamins, taurine helps support mental clarity and focus). Dihydromyricetin or DHM (Extracted from the oriental raisin tree, DHM supports your liver’s natural detoxification processes). N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine or NAC (NAC replenishes glutathione, an antioxidant responsible for protecting you against oxidative stress). Organic Milk Thistle (Milk thistle supports healthy liver function and increases the activity of your antioxidant enzymes). It’s also: Gluten & Allergen Free, Non-GMO, Vegan Friendly, Made in the USA, and has No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Sweeteners. Isn’t that so cool? With the culture in Wisconsin involving such heavy drinking, I think more people need to know about this stuff.
You can get sample packs for cheap, like we did, if you want to try it a couple times before committing to buying the whole bottle. They also sell Flyby Fuel Electrolytes that replaces essential electrolytes lost when exercising or drinking. Pretty wicked stuff if you ask me.


If you pay attention to even the smallest details of my life, you know I work third shift. I have the amazing Ninja Coffee Bar at home, but sometimes I just don’t want to get my caffeine through coffee. I gave up energy drinks a while ago so what’s left?  I found Mio Energy liquid water enhancer! They have Caffeine and B Vitamins. There’s 60 mg of caffeine per serving and about 18 servings in one bottle. You just squirt it in your water and you’re good to go. No calories or sugars! A great replacement for those super unhealthy sports and energy drinks. The flavors (which are naturally flavored) they have are Acai Berry Storm, Strawberry Pineapple Smash, Tropical Fusion, Wicked Blue Citrus, Black Cherry, and Green Thunder. I listed them in the order that I rank them personally. There are also two coffee-flavored ones which are not my favorite, Iced Mocha Java and Iced Vanilla Java. They’re different but they aren’t awful. There’s also a bunch more flavors for their other types of Mio (like the regular non caffeinated original ones, the vitamins ones, and the electrolytes ones). You can buy them at most grocery stores for about $3. They have been saving my life overnight. I feel awake, alert, and I never have any “crash” like I do with energy drinks. I have even gotten my teammates at work hooked on them!


We talked about a healthier way to drink and a healthier way to caffeinate, let’s get to some “beauty” things.
A few months ago, I had the pleasure of modeling for an AMAZING cosmetics company called Au Naturale. Au Naturale exclusively uses healthy, natural & ethically sourced ingredients in their make-up. The founder and CEO, Ashley Prange, wanted to create make-up that wouldn’t cause breakouts or irritation, so that is exactly what she did. Au Naturale has started a Clean Beauty Revolution that is spreading worldwide. The Clean Beauty Revolution is the “demand for clear and transparent labeling of beauty products in the United States.” They take their ingredients and formulas very seriously and they deliver only the best, most natural products. This is done by avoiding the parabens, animal bi products, synthetics, and other harmful ingredients used in most make-up. A great quote from their website is, “Because nobody should have to compromise their health for their beauty.” I just love that.
I honestly don’t like to wear make-up anymore. Mainly because my skin is so healthy without it. But. I still choose to wear some for special occasions and photoshoots. Luckily, I found Au Naturale for these occasions and my skin is so happy about it. I don’t think I will ever put any other brand on my face again. I currently own: the Créme de la Creme Eye Shadow in Ivory and Palma (because I’m basic with eyeshadow), Luminous Creme Bronzer in Caramel, Pure Powder Blush in Pink Champagne, Semi-Matte Powder Foundation and Zero Gravity C2P Foundation both in Marino, The All-Glowing Creme Highlighter in Celestial, The Anywhere Creme Multistick in Roseate, and the su/Stain Matte Lip Stain in On Pointe and Marsala. They are currently reformulating the Brow Boss Organic Pencil and I cannot wait to get mine in Blake (taupe)! Everything I have had on my face from Au Naturale has been outstanding. Even with all of it being natural, it still lasts super well throughout the day (or night, if you’re me LOL). Not only are the products incredible, but the people I have met that are involved in this company are also outstanding human beings. I was impressed with Au Naturale and everyone associated with it right off the bat. It’s been amazing working with them and I can’t wait to collaborate again.

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Me in all Au Naturale! Lip color- On Pointe

Ahhh, back to feeling healthy and beautiful, with all these natural products! Just the way I like it. I hope you have a GREAT weekend! I will be working Saturday night unfortunately, but hey, at least I have a job. Silver linings and bright sides are important. See you next week!

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