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Wielanded in Love

We’re back as the Wielands!

We want to start by saying we love you all so much and are incredibly grateful for your support this last year. Let’s back up about 9 months. We were going over our finances back in December. We quickly realized there was no way we were going to have both a home and a wedding within the first few years of our relationship. It wasn’t possible. We would have had to pick one, save up for that one over a few years, and then wait even longer for the second option. All of this also meant adding onto our family would be pushed back longer than we were willing to wait. We knew we should buy a home first, which would have set a wedding back massively. Regardless of what was right, we both knew we wanted to be married first. We were bummed that our budget was so tight, so we started looking for ways to keep a wedding cheap. Traditionally, parents of the bride and groom help pay for a wedding. We knew our families are in no position to pay for a wedding, nor did we want to ask for help.

The first idea was to keep the wedding small. Considering how many people I know from my small hometown, how much family I have between my mom’s side and dad’s side, I also have two step-families, you can see how this presented a problem right away in keeping a wedding small. Between the two of us, the guest list was growing exponentially. Keeping it small was out of the question. It was too hard drawing the line between who was important enough to attend and who was not.

The next idea was to have a destination wedding with just family and a couple friends. The first thing Baby asked was, “Don’t we have to pay for whoever comes with us?” That is the traditional and decent thing to do. We couldn’t afford that either, and we didn’t feel comfortable asking family members to save thousands of dollars to spend on a couple days for us. We were stuck. Money was tighter than ever, and there didn’t seem to be any way to do this where everyone wins. Having the wedding here and spending more money would have potentially meant giving up the honeymoon we wanted and deserved, too. I was in the bedroom staring at the excel spreadsheet of what we could afford, and Baby was in the other room bummed out about the situation. It wasn’t looking good.

The last idea arose. Half joking, I yelled, “We could just elope!”  yelled back, “What’s that?” I laugh, “Run away and get married, just the two of us.” Baby dropped his things and walked to the bedroom quickly. He stood in the doorway, “Really? We can do that?” I laugh again, “Yeah, we could.” He asks, “I mean, would you do that?” “Yes.” “Well then, get to researchin’, baby!” And I did. We booked the trip to Grenada and the wedding back on January 1st. We had a payment plan set up on a credit card that was interest-free until August, when the trip had to be paid for in-full anyway. The trip was to be paid for on time while still saving what we could for a down payment on a house.

Ring and dress shopping was done over the next couple of weeks. Back on February 24th Baby’s grandfather, Tom, called to discuss some serious life things. He offered to help pay for a wedding if it was small enough. We decided we had to tell him what was going on. We explained what was already in the works and he was very supportive. He wanted us to do this how we wanted. He’s been in on this plan since late February. We obviously didn’t expect anyone to pay for our wedding, but we were blessed with a lot of help from Tom.

With doing things this way and receiving so much of Tom’s help, we were able to have a wedding and buy a house within 1 year, rather than the projected 5 years or more. We will now be able to travel, work on our home, live comfortably, and continue building our family when we want to.

We are very happy with how we did things and we thank you all again!

Love, The WIELANDS!!!

3 thoughts on “Wielanded in Love”

  1. My heart melted. So glad to hear no matter the circumstances or struggles you guys were facing. You stayed positive and everything you want and dreamed for came true. ❤️❤️


  2. YASSS GIRL!! Congrats! Hope to hear more about the experience and if you have more photos to go along with everything! Are you guys going to do a reception/wedding party for your family and friends back home? That would be super exciting! Congrats!


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