About Me

The Brass Lens Photography

Hi! I’m Sabrina.

A little bit about me if you don’t already know; I am 22 years old and have a degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Global Supply Chain Management. For work, I’m on third shift at a transportation company here in Green Bay, WI. I also model for a couple boutiques in the area as well as some online clothing companies. I also have an extraordinary husband. Rarely do I even call him by his name so you all will know him as “Baby.” It’s cheesy to some, but he really is my big baby. “S’mom” is my main role every other week when we have my 4-year-old step-son with us. You all will know him as “Nugget” and I love him as much as I love his father. We have all been together since September 3rd, 2017 and we’ve already bought a house and gotten married within a year.

I love reading, modeling, writing, baking, music, cleaning, and shopping when the budget allows it. My greatest obsessions are coffee, the show Friends, and highlight. I am very much a wife/mother type of girl and really enjoy taking care of the people I love.

Most wouldn’t consider my upbringing or current lifestyle normal but I appreciate the obstacles I have had to overcome because they have made me who I am now. Growing up as the oldest of my siblings made me the great listener, problem solver, and caretaker I am today. As I grew up, my parents placed a lot of pressure on me to be (let’s face it) perfect and it honestly made me feel weak when I didn’t have the answers. Often times I never asked anyone for guidance because I felt I had to decipher issues on my own, and I did. Looking back, this is what lead me to being the listener; someone who people can come to and talk with. I’ve been asked for advice on so many different life topics and daily encounters over the course of my teenage years and into my adult life. Through all of this, I’ve grown to love helping people discover how to be happy and to live their best life by drawing off of my own experiences.

By no means am I an expert in anything. I will never have all the answers but I have so much perspective to offer the world. I’m just a woman in my 20’s trying to navigate life. We are expected to grow up and master everything we do in the matter of a few years between graduating high school and going to college or entering the workforce of society. As readers, I want you to know that it’s okay if you don’t know what you’re doing or if you don’t know how to handle everything. I’m definitely not well-versed in most of what life throws at me; I’m only 22. As young as I am though, I have been through my fair share and I’d like to think I’m doing an okay job at figuring it out. I want to share my life with you and hopefully I can help you figure yours out, too.