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Back at It Again with the Self-Reflection

I am back. You might have read in my previous blog (generous word for it, it was basically just an update) that I needed a break. I was having a very rough week and my anxiety was at all all-time time high. Why this was happening is neither here nor there, since it was all… Continue reading Back at It Again with the Self-Reflection

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I need a break (and that’s okay).

I know I’ve been kind of MIA lately. I have not posted a blog or answered comments/emails pertaining to the blog. I haven’t even answered Facebook messages or Instagram DMs. I had a rough and anxious week dealing with some family/personal things. I might need another week to myself to regroup and just give myself… Continue reading I need a break (and that’s okay).

Mental Health, Requested Topics

Social Media Addiction

I don’t know why I care so much what people think of my Instagram feed. I don’t know why I will post a picture and then check my notifications every minute on the minute until I either have something else to do or I see the Likes tapering off. I don’t know why the number… Continue reading Social Media Addiction

Mental Health, Requested Topics

Don’t Stress, You’re Blessed

This is the Health & Beauty Blog! I’m going to switch this up and gear it towards health this time; mental health at that. I have had a really hard two weeks, and it seems to keep dragging on. I’ve mentioned how hard it is to sleep lately, in the heat and light and noise.… Continue reading Don’t Stress, You’re Blessed

Mental Health, Requested Topics

Making Friends as an Adult

I think I mentioned in one of my first posts that not every day is a good day. That sometimes things suck. You’re not expected to always be happy, to always handle everything well, or to know exactly what to do in every situation. I don’t really know what to do in this particular situation.… Continue reading Making Friends as an Adult

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No Ownership

Welcome back to the blog! How was your three-day holiday weekend? Ours was long and hot. We have Nugget back for the week and I’m excited! Maybe we will be able to go to the zoo on Saturday. Starting the week with a some-what requested topic. I'm writing about this because it really bothers me… Continue reading No Ownership

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Anxiety Shouldn’t Control Your Break-Up

This is about to get real. Some of my friends and long-time followers date back to before I was with Baby, and when I was with my most recent ex and even before that when I was with my ex-fiancé. I have been asked so many times about how I got over them, what I… Continue reading Anxiety Shouldn’t Control Your Break-Up